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The release notes for BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy version 5.33.x can be found here.

Included with...

Version is included on the tcms_indesign_client share of Appliance OS 2.22.0-6. Sites can use the Active Version there to update the clients automatically with future appliance OS updates.

5.32.31-4 Released 2018.12.17

Bug Fix) There was a bug with creating the Page Tracker wireframes from pages produced with Create Edition from Edition File. The problem is that the wireframes were produced twice. The first time was correct and showed the ads, but the second time cleared the ads and only generated a full page wireframe. This has been fixed and now, when selecting the Create Wireframes in the dialog, the wireframes will indeed be created correctly. JIRA INDESIGN-2092

Minor Bug Fix) A typo prevented the automatic size reduction of the Settings and Support dialog when the monitor dimension was smaller than 1600 pixels wide. This has been corrected and the OK button should not be visible at all practical screen resolutions. JIRA INDESIGN-2226

5.32.31-3 Released 2018.12.14

Improvement) It was always documented that output naming conventions could not start with a constant (a lower case character to be converted to an uppercase character. We have changed the naming so that they can now start with constants if needed. JIRA INDESIGN-2194

5.32.31-2 Released 2018.12.04

Minor Bug Fix) The Edition Report, a feature for Adobe Creative Cloud users, failed to enable/disable when toggling the Enhanced Mode. This has been fixed and its access is now controlled by that Enhanced Mode option. JIRA INDESIGN-1674

Bug fix) The Template Master function to remove stored inline assets wouldn't work. This was part of the 5.32.02 release that led to the Spawn Template feature. The function now works correctly and deletes the stored inline assets from the active document. JIRA INDESIGN-1719

5.32.31-1 Released 2018.08.21

Bug Fix) The recent changes to locations of paths broke the ability to import PlaceFiles when their location was in the default path for PlaceFiles. This has been corrected and they will now import again. JIRA INDESIGN-2309

5.32.29-30 Released 2018.08.13

Minor Bug Fix) The Asset Manager was throwing an internal error and not properly returning the access to the Create Assignment option when a user UNchecked the 'No Write-back' option. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2151

Improvement) Many clients reported problems with the Asset Manager window growing too large when they had requested a larger number of search results. To prevent this problem we now limit the display size when choosing a number > 50. This is one of many steps we are taking to help address a variety of issues with the Asset Manager size being either too small or too large. JIRA INDESIGN-2160

Bug Fix) The Spawn Template function was dropping the prefix part of the master document name. Thus all master documents were becoming named Master Document_## where ## was an incremental number. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2281

Bug Fix) Some sites reported that when they used the Development Mode's Spawn Template that they got warned that the Styles failed to sort because of an "Action is not Enabled" error. The sorting process has been changed to include verification that Adobe InDesign thinks it can sort before attempting to sort. If the primary method of sorting fails on the use of Spawn Template, then the next time Spawn Template runs, it will use an alternate method. Thus, the Paragraph Styles, Character Styles, and Object Styles should all be sorted by name after this update providing the site has used the new Spawn Template function and not gotten warned that it failed to sort. JIRA INDESIGN-2299

Bug Fix) Some users got prompts from the Add Components Development Mode function that it couldn't properly remove the language from several of the template based styles. We have modified the method so that it appears to work for everyone. The purpose of No Language is to prevent document based spell checking from trying to check the ad placeholders and folios and other page information tags. JIRA INDESIGN-2303

Bug Fix) The process to spawn a template won't always closet the original master document. When that happens it also can't remove the master document after it has been backed up. Both have been fixed by doing those tasks when Adobe InDesign goes idle after the completion of the Spawn Template request. JIRA INDESIGN-2304

5.32.27-28 Released 2018.08.06

Minor Performance Change) We no longer attempt to read the location of the legacy Translation Files folder. This speeds up launching Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy ever so slightly. JIRA INDESIGN-2243

Major Performance Change) When logging in, the paths to the various storage locations were checked more than once. This slowed down the total time to log in, especially for sites with a missing path (which has to time out) or with remote file servers. Now, the paths are checked only once and this speeds up the login process. Sites with good networks usually won't be able to tell much difference, however. JIRA INDESIGN-2243

Bug Fix) Some sites using fileServerDetails.jsx (fSD) files were not getting the paths to folders that they anticipated. At some point recently, the references to the various paths changed internally and this caused the fSD paths to be ignored. We believe after a lot of live testing that this issue has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2243

Important Logging Change) More paths are logged in the user's log under the A C T U A L    S T O R A G E    P A T H S header. This will make it easier to track down items are expected to be. In the past, most paths were listed there, but not all them. Now all the main paths are listed with just some sub-paths for publications, dates, sections, etc. unlisted. JIRA INDESIGN-2243

Important Bug Fix) The budget view tab in the Asset Manager in Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy would frequently fail on Active Section and Active Edition due to an internal bug with the handling of dates. The problem was such that it only affected certain sites and only on certain days of the year. We are unsure how many sites were affected by this bug. But we believe the bug is now fixed. If you find issues, please let us know. More and more sites are relying on using budgeted assets for page projection and Section and Edition searches are an integral part of it. JIRA INDESIGN-2300

5.32.26 Released 2018.08.03

New Ad Statuses Feature for Brainworks sites) For for sites using Brainworks Ad Layout software to feed the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign .XML files for ad layouts, we now support double-truck ads. Until this time, no Brainworks site has ever asked us to support double-trucks even though Ad Statues has supported it for many years. To specify a double-truck ad the tag value must be set to 2 as in this example:



  • Because of the way Brainworks marks the pages and not the ads, all ads on a spread will be considered a double-truck and this can cause some odd results with small ads or island ads.
  • Full double-trucks, on a 6 column page grid, are considered 13 columns wide on some ad systems. We've set our Brainworks support to be considered 12 columns wide. This means that depending upon your template's inside margins, the ad might be too narrow. We chose this because the site that provided the first sample assumed this 12 column width.
  • You can contact Brainworks directly if you want your export changed to enable this double-truck support in the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign. Note: You might also need to reconfigure your Output functions to support sending the pages at one time if you don't already have that in place. JIRA INDESIGN-2291

5.32.25 Released 2018.08.01

New Feature For Output) We now support sending the first (primary) Page Content Type that is applied to a page to custom output naming functions. This isn't something that a user or even local IT support would deal with as typically TownNews' BLOX Total CMS team creates the custom naming solutions. What this feature does, however, is allow PDFs to be named with content type descriptions for outside vendors. The Page Content Type labels have been going to Live e-Edition via Page Tracker for years. JIRA INDESIGN-2297

5.32.21-24 Released 2018.07.31

Specialized and Esoteric Bug Fix) If your Adobe InDesign document naming convention uses E (editions) and if your site uses Adobe InCopy assignments and if your site uses Combine With and includes a page that already has assignments, then a page would get added to page tracker that was missing the edition code. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2043

Minor Change) If a site wants to enable the output function for Force Final Process before Page Tracker 1.8.0 is released, they can do so using a forceFinalProcess.enabled file. JIRA INDESIGN-2286

Minor MacOS Logging Bug Fix) The internal function that compares document paths for logging document actions had a bug that caused it to skip logging the opening and other actions for certain users at certain sites because the casing of Volumes, the way that MacOS prefaces most mounted shares. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2289

New Ad Statuses Feature for Brainworks sites) For for sites using Brainworks Ad Layout software to feed the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign .XML files for ad layouts, we now support double-truck ads. A future version will provide more details. JIRA INDESIGN-2291

Bug Fix) MacOS users had problems if they opened an old document with newer Adobe InDesign and attempted to use the Asset Manager before the converted document was automatically updated by the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign. If the update wasn't completed automatically, the MacOS users will now be warned to save the converted document. JIRA INDESIGN-2293

5.32.20 Released 2018.07.12

Bug Fixes) The Settings and Support dialog had several items whose settings weren't being recored or weren't behaving properly. The Enable Adobe InCopy Assignments checkbox now only disables the next two items instead of all 6 other in the Adobe InCopy tab. The Prompt for Web-Only or Placed Children setting was being ignored in Select Child Assets to Place dialog. The Display all Asset Notes option was not being recored and thus reset during each launch. In addition, even if the option was chosen, the notes weren't being displayed unless the Alert trigger was used in the note. Finally, the setting to not display the Orphan Controls was ignored and caused the dialog to always be displayed. All these items have been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2094

Import InCopy Bug Fix) There was a recently created bug that prevented the opening for read only or single frame use any placed Article asset. Instead of giving the dialog allowing the user to decide how to open the asset without an existing assignment (that part worked fine), an silent error was recorded. This has been fixed and assets can now be opened in a single frame or read only again. It is unknown how many, if any Adobe InCopy sites were affected by this bug. JIRA INDESIGN-2276

5.32.19 Released 2018.07.10

Spelling Corrected) Several words were misspelled in the recently created Settings and Support dialog. All known misspellings have been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2094

Bug Fix) Adobe InDesign CS5 users (and perhaps other legacy versions) were affect by a bug that caused Combine With to set the section start of the original page of the document. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2268

Major Bug Fix) Sites configured to use Live e-Edition were sometimes having difficulty placing an asset into a frame drawn on the page and then typed into. If they saved the document after typing into a fresh frame, the frame was marked as a cutout frame for Live e-Editions. That then gave it an Element Type that was not known to be one holding content. And thus the Asset Manager refused to place content. To fix this issue, we now display cutout as a valid element type in the menu at BLOX Total CMS > Element Type > In addition, we have set the cutout element type to be what is considered a default frame type. This will allow the Asset Manager to place content into the frame. This is considered a core change and sites should proceed with caution as there could be intended consequences. JIRA INDESIGN-2272

Improvement) When the site's local 'General Documents' pdf files moved from the BLOX Total CMS menu to the Support tab of the Settings and Support dialog, we didn't sort them, but displayed them in the order the OS provided the files. We now sort them alphabetically. JIRA INDESIGN-2273

5.32.16-18 Released 2018.07.09

Logging Change) In order to allow us to troubleshoot an issue with naming pages with Combine With, we have added some extra logging to the process. JIRA INDESIGN-2268

5.32.15 Released 2018.07.06

Bug Fix) An individual client site reported a problem with the Combine With function. We were not able to replicate it, but added both extra protection of the problematic code and extra logging. JIRA INDESIGN-2263

Bug Fix) The Document Jumps manager was occasionally producing errors because of a mistyped variable name. It could cause deleting jump pages to fail among other issues. Not sure which versions were affected by the bug, but it was relatively recently introduced and only affected those who use Document Jumps. JIRA INDESIGN-2264

Minor Logging Fix) The function that asks permission to remove outdated .adinfo files was generating lines of undefined in the log file. This has been fixed and the proper .adinfo file names are now listed. JIRA INDESIGN-2269

Change for Newzware Sites) We now allow for a vertical shift in ads for sites that don't have the correct margins in their .xml files. To shift the ads create a NewzwareVerticalMarginShift.enabled file in the root of your client code (usually tcms_data) and place in it the number of points that the ads should be moved UP. JIRA INDESIGN-2270

Bug Fix) One of the recent versions of the Appliance OS added support for selecting Newzware as the Ad Layout Format. Unfortunately the value wasn't accepted by the client code. Thus the continued practice of using Custom for the Ad Layout Format and Newzware in the Custom Ad Number Location was the only way to use Newzware. This has been corrected so that the following settings can be used. JIRA INDESIGN-2270

5.32.14 Released 2018.07.03

Bug Fix) The prior version added a change to the Create Assignment function when no assets were selected. Unfortunately, that change inadvertently broke the Create New Article function. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-810

Bug Fix) The Basic Search tab of the Asset Manager for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy Creative Cloud versions using Windows, but not MacOS, will now set the default button to Search once the Search Text or Slug fields have been modified. Then pressing the return or enter keys will perform a search. This was supposed to function this way back with client 5.24.02 but it was broken shortly after that version was released. Additional changes to make it easier to search on planned. JIRA INDESIGN-987

Bug Fix) A prior version adjusted the behavior of frames holding merged assets when using Clone and Move. Unfortunately, while it fixed the ignoring of those frames, it also cloned them if both assets or non-assets was selected. This has been corrected. Merged items are considered non-assets unless you have created an Adobe InCopy assignment or used Create New Article with them. JIRA INDESIGN-2139

Bug Fix) If a site lost access to a prior domain, the Universal Check Out All function would fail because the assets passed by the prior function would not have any status objects. While the checkout process should fail for assets from the old domain, the process should continue for the existing domain. Unfortunately, once a failed asset was reached, no further processing could occur. This has been corrected. The problem assets will be ignored and processing should continue. JIRA INDESIGN-2259

Improvement) For sites doing domain name changes, our Set Document Domain tool now also does assets. We had no intentions of sites doing domain name changes with existing documents in production, but it occasionally happens, so we have extended this tool. Additional changes are forthcoming. JIRA INDESIGN-2261

5.32.13 Released 2018.06.29

Adobe InCopy Assignment Improvement) When a new text frame or a snippet is placed on an Adobe InDesign page and then a the user chooses BLOX Total CMS > Create Assignment... they would have received a message that the assignment couldn't be created because there was no asset. Now when the user attempts that, they will be presented with a dialog that allows them to create the assignment. JIRA INDESIGN-810

Important Advertising Bug Fix) It appears that all our layout system support had been leaving the document created by BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Advertising > Create Edition from Edition file... set in a points measurement system with the zero point at the bottom left corner of the live area of the page. This has been corrected. All systems should now be leaving measurement system as the template is set and with the zero point at the top left of the live area of the pages. Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. JIRA INDESIGN-2184

Important Change) Sites using Page Content Types and Live e-Editions have determined that the Page Content Types cannot contain _ (underscores) in their names or Live e-Edition will be unable to parse the naming and a page will be skipped. While page tracker will eventually be preventing them from being added to Live e-Edition. The BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign will now automatically strip all _ (underscores) from Page Content Types. If sites are using matching Page Design Snippets, the names of the snippets should be changed to remove the underscores. This change also affects a few sites whose advertising systems feed the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign with those Page Content Types. JIRA INDESIGN-2246

5.32.12-3 Released 2018.06.25

Major New Feature) There is a new feature to create reports of pages and assets. The report creates an industry standard .csv file with data from Page Tracker and BLOX Total CMS. The .csv file can be imported into most spreadsheets and databases where it can be filtered as desired. It is up to the sites to decide what to do with the data, but to give you some ideas, you can tell:

  • How many pages were completed in a specific time frame
  • How many assets were used on those pages
  • If the assets were local or wire service provided
  • Area of the page used by assets

We are very willing to include any extra data that we have access to. Please test the reports first and let us know what extra information you need. The reporting, however, requires Page Tracker 1.7.0. That version of Page Tracker is currently on BLOX Total CMS without appliances (hosted BLOX). It will appear on appliance based BLOX Total CMS in early fall 2018. In addition, this feature only works with the Creative Cloud version of Adobe InDesign. JIRA INDESIGN-1674

5.32.11 Released 2018.06.20

Minor Bug Fixed) The user's preference for Auto Creating Assignments was not sticking between launches of Adobe InDesign. This has been fixed. Note, the setting also requires that the site's browser based preference for Auto Assignment Creation is set to true. Else the user's setting will only last through one log in session. This is to prevent a user from accidentally creating Adobe InCopy Assignment files if the site doesn't use Adobe InCopy. JIRA INDESIGN-2094

Important New Template Master Feature) We've added another important feature to assist a site's Template Master. This new option of the Add Components feature will add all the missing Paragraph, Character, and Object Styles specified by the rulesets. They are added to the sites missing style folder/group and then within sub folders/groups by ruleset and rule line number. JIRA INDESIGN-2244

Bug Fix) A logging bug was throwing silent errors and wasting time when using Release Selected Assets. In certain cases it would have left the Adobe InCopy files in place which could have prevented subsequent assignment creation. The bug has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2247

Bug Fix) Windows users with Adobe InDesign that is shutting down and generating a Protective Shutdown log were finding that that the copying of the Protective Shutdown log file was failing and generating an error log. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2248

5.32.10 Released 2018.06.18

Important New Feature) As part of the ability to push preferences to users, we now allow the Adobe PDF Presets to be auto loaded during the launch of Adobe InDesign. To use this feature, the users would need to select the Auto Load Output Presets option or the Template Master would need to push a preference set that checks that option. Then any Adobe PDF Presets that are included in the Presets directory of Output Preferences directory will get loaded on the user's workstation. This works best when the presets are exported as part of the new Spawn Template feature for Template Masters as it names each preset file with the name of the preset. JIRA INDESIGN-211

New Update Feature) The new BLOX Total CMS > Update and Reset menu item has had several things added to it recently. The most recent item is Update Folio Text Variables which is helpful when a site goes live and is testing these items. Some sites had legacy utilities for handling this, but not that the feature is built in, the legacy utility should be removed. JIRA INDESIGN-392

Bug Fix) Another minor bug was fixed in the limiting of asset Priority. Again, priority values are limited to numeric values between 0 and 9999 (inclusive) or a blank value. JIRA INDESIGN-1989

Template Master Log Change) The logs for translation ruleset calls that the Template Masters use are now indented by recursive call level to make them easier to read. JIRA INDESIGN-2011

Minor Change) When the site's Template Master exports their preferences for use by the rest of the users on the network, the user's default tab is now set the the Support tab. In the past it was left on the Preferences tab where the Template Master exports the preferences file. JIRA INDESIGN-2170

Minor Improvement) The Version information in the Support tab of the Settings and Support dialog is now selectable and copyable as it was in the former About function. It is helpful for anyone trying to share the information on a site's configuration. JIRA INDESIGN-2197

Template Master Feature) We have added a warning to the Template Master's Add Components feature. The warning will alert the template master when they are using Section First naming if they chose the option to Add the Folio Text components. Most sites will want to use Page First naming, but that isn't the browser interface's default. The warning explains the situation. JIRA INDESIGN-2227

Template Master Improvement) The Spawn Template function's Backup to the Desktop feature now also backs up the Jumps folder. JIRA INDESIGN-2227

Minor Notification Change) Template Masters in Development Mode have been warned about incompatibilities when updating the output menu. But some users are confused by the existing warnings thinking that it is an error rather than something they themselves need to address. So for the incompatibility between Next Method and Background Output, we now have an overly descriptive message about the issue. We will watch for feedback to see if this cuts down on the number of related support requests. JIRA INDESIGN-2231

Performance Enhancement) When new output presets are loaded, if the Page Tracker Preview preset is reloaded, it made the existing stored preset invalid and that threw an error dialog. Now, when the stored preset is found to be invalid, we check for a new one. We will load the first one alphabetically that contains 'PageTrackerPreview' in its name if they exist. We will attempt do download the one from the client itself if it will load. Only if one isn't found is the user warned. JIRA INDESIGN-2233

UI Improvement) It was brought to our attention that the defaults for checking out assets that were out of date were different in Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. In Adobe InDesign the default was to reflow. But in Adobe InCopy it was to ignore the edits. This later instance has been changed. Adobe InCopy users opening an Adobe InCopy Assignment file whose content is out of date will now see that the default button has been changed to Reflow from CMS during Check Out. JIRA INDESIGN-2241

5.32.09 Released 2018.06.11

Bug Fix) An earlier version of the client added access to Asset Priority, but it allowed users to type in binary values. This has been corrected. Now only numeric priority values between 0 and 9999 (inclusive) can be used in addition to clearing the field value completely JIRA INDESIGN-1989

5.32.08 Released 2018.06.08

Trivial Bug Fix) The Asset Manager's log has been configured to force the Asset Manager to refresh is sizing when the logo is clicked. But that didn't function correctly on several of its tabs and frequently threw one or more internal errors that wasted time. All of that is fixed. This logo click, however, serves to valid purpose. It was put into the asset manager during development. But we occasionally saw the errors logged when users accidentally clicked the logo. JIRA INDESIGN-2180

UI Change) We have added another tab to the Settings and Support dialog. The new Dialogs tab has options for determining how other dialogs display. JIRA INDESIGN-2225 It currently has 4 options:

  1. Limit Maximum Size of dialogs: When checked the maximum size of most dialogs presented to the user will be limited to the minimum dimensions of all attached monitors. This is not an option if you only have a single monitor.
  2. Minimize the Settings and Support dialog: Check this box and the Settings and Support dialog will be opened from that point on about half of its normal size. This reduces all help tips to standard hover tips and compressed the names of the tabs to one to three letters.
  3. Move dialogs left on superwide monitors: If your monitor has an aspect ratio of > 3.1 then this option will move many of the dialogs left.
  4. Prompt for Log In after Log Out: If you need to switch domains frequently then this option causes the Log In dialog to appear immediately after logging out. Note, BLOX Total CMS > Change Domain is a faster option to change domains if the Display Domain Controls are activated in the User Interface tab of Setting and Support.

Major Bug Fix) The 5.29.01 version of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign had jump items broken. A user couldn't change the Jump Keyword or Jump Headline in the dialog that appears when jumping. The bug has been fixed and it is in both the 5.32.08 version and the 5.31.05-2 version of the client. If you were using one of the earlier affected versions, you need to update your client to get the bug fix. JIRA INDESIGN-2236

5.32.07 Released 2018.06.06

Logging Change) We had a site complain that the Image Statuses' Restore function wasn't working. The log indeed said that the restore didn't happen but it didn't give details as to why. We have added extra logging and fixed one log message that indicated a 'false' value instead of a file path. Hopefully if the restore fails at a site in the future that we will be able to determine why now that we have additional and correct logging in this function. JIRA INDESIGN-2190

Important Bug Fix) Several settings in the dialogs at BLOX Total CMS > Documents > New... and BLOX Total CMS > Settings and Support... were not being remembered between launches. This includes the important ability to Display Domain Controls. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2232

5.32.06 Released 2018.06.04

Major Template Master Feature) This release completes a major feature for all template masters. We have integrated into Development Mode three features to assist in the creation and maintenance of the Master Documents and the spawning of templates. Template Masters will now find commands in the Development Menu to Open Master Document..., Add Components..., and Spawn Template... All three are straight forward functions but we will be offering a training webinar at some point after the full release of the 5.32.x version of the client. JIRA INDESIGN-368

UI Bug Fix) A change in the 5.31.x version of the client caused the display of most dialogs using the BLOX Total CM logo to be displayed no larger than the smallest monitor connected to the local workstation. In some cases, such as the huge Settings and Support dialog, parts of the UI was cut off. As a stop gap measure, that change from 5.31.x has been changed so that the dialogs can be no larger than the largest dimensions of any attached monitor. A future change will allow them to be reduced. JIRA INDESIGN-2226

5.32.05 Released 2018.05.31

Important Advertising Bug Fix) If your site has multiple domains, and if you are using our Ad Statuses, there was a bug that when you switched from domain to domain for a second time that Ad Statuses would be disabled. We believe this issue is now fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2224

5.32.04 Released 2018.05.21

New Template Master Feature) The menu option to clear the folio text variables has moved from BLOX Total CMS > Development > Clear Folio Text Variables... to options in the Text Variables tab of BLOX Total CMS > Development > Add Components... JIRA INDESIGN-2209

Bug Fix) A recent change in the Appliance OS caused the preview images in the Syndication Tool in the Asset Manager in BLOX Total CMS for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy to not have the ability to show in the Preview pane. This has been corrected. If this feature is important, Appliance OS 2.19.0 users should update this this 5.32.04 or newer client. JIRA INDESIGN-2211

Bug Fix) One site was experiencing problems with placing image assets from the syndication channel when Toned Image Search was selected in the Asset Manager. The problem resulted in the image not being imported. We made some changes to prevent the issue from snowballing into the lack of a placed image. JIRA INDESIGN-2212

5.32.03 Released 2018.05.16

Important New Feature) Several sites need to know the total number of pages for their plating system. We previously had no automatic way to convey that information. We have added a couple new functions to provide access to the total number of pages in the edition. If you want to add this information to the pages, insert the Adobe InDesign Text Variable A. If you want it to be included in the output naming, include a string of As such as AAA in your output naming convention in your Output Preferences .xml file. JIRA INDESIGN-345

New Feature) To make it easier for TownNews to remotely determine what version of the BLOX Total CMS client was in use, the client created files with a file extension of .version in the root of the share holding the client code. Thus, typically, the root of the tcms_data share will contain many, many files with the .version file extension. Starting with this version, there is a Development Mode function to remove them at BLOX Total CMS > Development Mode > Remove Legacy .version files. However, sites shouldn't need to use this because approximately every 1000 logins will cause the .version files to be purged. For that action, no user interaction is needed. JIRA INDESIGN-1730

New Feature) As part of our push towards distributed production, we have added the ability for users creating editions from edition files to request previews to be generated in Page Tracker at the time the edition is created. To enable this, just click the Update Page Tracker with Wireframes and Update Page Tracker with Previews checkboxes in the Enhanced Create Edition dialog. JIRA INDESIGN-2092


Note the two check boxes at the bottom left of the dialog. Clicking either will slow down the process of using Create Edition from Edition file while in Enhanced Mode, but they send Wireframes and Previews when selected. This aids in the viewing pages remotely with Page Tracker.

Improvement) When a user exports a snippet using BLOX Total CMS > Export Snippet..., the snippet menus will be automatically updated so that the recently exported snippet will be viewable in the menu. JIRA INDESIGN-2098

Vision Data Support Fixed) Since its initial support, Vision Data XML layouts required the creation of all sections in the XML. If a site tried to make any section but the first section the .adinfo file would not get created correctly and ads might have landed on the wrong pages or not on any page. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2201

Change) The Page Tracker function which allows the output of BLOX Total CMS pages to request the change workflow processes of placed assets is broke until Page Tracker 1.8.0. Thus, the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign now disables the use of < forceFinalProcess > until Page Tracker reaches version 1.8.0. < checkInAssets > still works as intended. JIRA INDESIGN-2203

5.32.02 Released 2018.05.10

Performance Change) There is a new features for template masters to use to clear out any stored placements from inline assets that were used in the master documents. In Development Mode the choice is BLOX Total CMS > Development Mode > Remove Stored Inline assets. In addition, the automated template spawning added with INDESIGN-368 which is due later in this 5.32.x version. JIRA INDESIGN-1719

Important Bug Fix) When a site's Export ruleset specifies HTML notes to be added after a paragraph formatted with a specific paragraph style, it was only adding it at the last paragraph, not every paragraph. This has been corrected. We currently know of no issues with exporting formatted text from Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy. JIRA INDESIGN-2173

Bug Fix) We saw by examining the logs from one site where merging assets were causing errors to be logged when placing child images along with the merged parent articles. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2178

Bug Fix) If you had initially logged into BLOX Total CMS for Adobe InDesign and then use BLOX Total CMS > Log Out, attempting to save a document without an BLOX Total CMS name caused an error to be displayed. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2189

Important Bug Fix) When an output preference uses lowercase letters in a validate naming tag, and when those letters are valid naming parts such as cgmnhs, etc., they were not being converted to upper case characters. This has been fixed and all output names will now be uppercase to restore the legacy behavior. JIRA INDESIGN-2194

Bug Fix) When clicking on non-ads (blocks, page content types, page color markers) in Ad Statuses, an incorrect path would be shown in the dialog's information area. This no longer happens and the information area is now cleared unless an actual ad is selected. JIRA INDESIGN-2200

5.32.01 Released 2018.04.28

Minor Change) The two main folders in the tcms_indesign shares for snippets will now contain a folder labeled Shortcuts that will be used in a future version as a holding location for Windows shortcuts or MacOS aliases of snippets that can have keyboard shortcuts added. Any snippets placed in this folder will not appear in either snippet menu. JIRA INDESIGN-235

Minor Bug Fix) When a user quits Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy, their local log file is supposed to be copied to the User_Logs folder. But it has been incorrectly copied to the Error_Logs folder. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2167

Minor bug fix) We had a single site whose connection to their off appliance ad storage would cause the ad links to immediately go out of date. When using Output preferences set to check Ad Statuses, any missing or outdated links would cause output to stop because of an Adobe InDesign error. The error is now caught and output will not stop without warning the users to the problems. JIRA INDESIGN-2169

Bug Fix) Our support for Vision Data based XML for advertising edition and layout files was flawed in that it used the wrong margin to determine the vertical position of the ads. If you are using Vision Data XML to create BLOX Total CMS pages, the ads should not be positioned correctly when the top and the bottom margins were not equal. If they were equal, you shouldn't see any difference. JIRA INDESIGN-2174

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